History of The Brand

“Genally” is a brand under APA Industries Co., Ltd. , Thailand’s leading manufacturer for primary packaging of pharmaceutical product. APA built its reputation by meeting the international quality standard since 1964 until present. Genally’s products aim to implement the modern technology to enhance consumer’s happiness and daily comfort. The name “Genally” consists of two words which are “Gen” for Generation and “Ally” for companion. From the vision that “we will take care of you at every age”, our product range becomes diverse to fulfill the needs of all generations resulting in the following categories.

01 Bloom Story

The perfect assistant for nursing mom, an easy to use technology ensuring convenience for mom, and comfort for child.

02 Mellow Story

Invention for the new generation who focus on self care, providing full body restoration on both men and women for their confident days.

03 Grand Story

Products for elderhood that make them believe “age is the only matter of number”, and let them enjoy every rhythm in everyday life with safety and comfort.

Quality Policy

“No matter which GEN you are, we are your ALLY”

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